Friday, January 30, 2015

French Friday: Ma liste à faire Quotidienne. My Daily To Do List

Comme dans l'autre vidéo j'ai fait s'appelle, Le Choses Je Dis à Mon Fils Plus. J'ai fait une liste de  choses je dis à mon fils le plus. Maintenant J'ai une liste de choses je fais quotidienne. 

En plus à souciant pour mon fils je dois s'occupe chez moi. Je nettoie, je cuisine beaucoup des temps mais mon mari adore cuisiner, quand il est à la maison il cuisine pour nous. Bien que je reste à la maison je encore ai faire très beaucoup. 

Like in the other video I called The THings I Say To My Son The Most. I made a list of things that I say to my son the most. Now I have a list of things I do daily. On top of caring for my son I must take care of my home. I clean, I cook most of the time, but my husband loves to cook so when he is at home he cooks for us. Though I stay at home I always have a lot to do. 

Ici est ma faire liste, par exemple: 
Here is my to do list, for example: 

  • Nettoie Les Salle de Bains. 
    • J'ai besoin nettoyer à la brosse les toilettes, les baignoires, et les lavabos. 
  • Nettoie La Cuisine 
    • J'ai besoin nettoyer les comptoirs de cuisine, le poêle, le micro-onde, l'évier, la table et lave les vaisselles. 
  • J'ai Besoin nettoyer les chambres. 
    • Fais les lits.
    • Ramasser des jouets et l'encombrement. 
    • Recueillir les lavages. 
    • Fais la lessive. 
  • J'ai besoin balayer la cuisine et les salle de bains. 
  • J'ai besoin passer l'aspirateur dans le tapis. 

  • Clean the bathrooms
    • I need to scrub the toilets, tubs and sinks. It is fun, no? haha, no. 
  • Clean the kitchen. 
    • I have to clean the counter tops, the stove, the microwave, the sink, the table and wash the dishes.
  • I need to clean the bedrooms. 
    • Make the beds. 
    • Pick up the toys and clutter. 
    • Collect the laundry.  
    • do the laundry. 
  • I need to sweep the kitchen and the bathrooms. 
  • I need to vacuum the floor. 

Mais je sépare mes tâches nettoyage dans cinq jours afin de ce n'est pas accablant. 

Aussi, je prends temps pour moi. Je lis, Pratique Yoga, Manger très bien, me reposer ou relâcher, pratique mon français, et enseigner mon fils ses leçons et des français. 

Je peut reste à la maison mais je suis occupé toujours avec quelque chose. 

But I separate my cleaning tasks into 5 days so that I do not get overwhelmed. Also, I take time for myself. I read, practice yoga, eat well, rest myself or relax, practice my french and teach my son his lessons and some french. 

I may stay at home but I am always occupied with something. 

Vous ne pouvez pas le voir? Cliquez ici .

Regardez la video S'il te plait!
Watch the Video, please ! 

Tes Tournet! Qu'est ce sur tes faire liste quotidienne? 
Your Turn! What's on your daily to do list? 


  1. Staying at home definitely doesn't mean "not working"! I work part time, but feel like I always work much harder when I am home then when I am at my paying job!!

  2. I'm not that organized! Usually laundry is somewhere on the list, but I also spend a lot of time volunteering at my kids' school and going to yoga, grocery shopping, etc.

  3. As a native french speaker,I would refer to a to do list as "une liste des choses à faire" - If you needed to refer to it as "your list" - you would say "Ma liste à faire" - but saying ma faire liste is the equivalent to saying: my do list. I hope you don't mind the correction!! It's a great post and I see that you are learning french, which is wonderful!! I just didn't want you to continue to misuse that phrase. To answer your question - there is lots on my to-do list! From special projects with the kids, food photography, laundry, and articles to write...lots!

    1. Thank you so much for the correction! I want to speak french correctly so it is so appreciated! Learning french on my own has been really hard to know whats actually said. I should have worked harder with my french classes in school so it wouldn't be so hard now! Thank you again! Feel free to come back next friday to help!

    2. I think it's wonderful that you are trying so hard to learn! My husband is working to learn french too - and I know how hard it is, because the direct translation doesn't always (most often) make sense. You're doing great!

  4. I wish I could read this... but I need to learn French first!

    1. The english translation is under the french! I tried a new format this time and integrated them together but I think I'll go back to the french then the english translation all together under it!

  5. On my list for today is to crochet a doll and a flower for a customer, clean the kitchen, go to the post office, grocery shopping and the most important thing - play with my daughter. :-) So, it's going to be a very busy day that will most likely end around 3 am. :-)


  6. I like the idea of having a to do list for the whole week. I think that will take the pressure off of trying to cram everything into one day.


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