Privacy Policy

This policy is valid from 26 August 2014.

At Faith In Every Day, I take your privacy and mine for that matter very seriously. I will not use, sell or do anything with your information including name, phone number, email addresses, addresses etc. I will not put any information on Spam Lists.

If you subscribe to my blog you will not receive spam, only updates when I write a new blog post. So please feel free to subscribe! If you do not wish to receive my subscription emails at any time please go to the bottom of one of those emails and hit Unsubscribe Now. However, I hope you don't want to do that.

I cannot promise that any of my advertisers, affiliates, or sponsors will not use your information from their website or clicking on their link attached to my blog. If you do not wish for the advertisers, affiliates or sponsors to use any of your information please do not click on the links, or enter any information into their websites.

Again, any information giving to Faith In Every Day is completely private. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at TaraAtFaithInEveryDay(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Thank you!

Tara Joy

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