About Tara Joy

Welcome to Faith In Every Day! 

I am Tara Joy, a mother & wife but most importantly a daughter of Christ. 

Let me start off by saying that I am a sinner. 
I am NOT perfect, in fact, I am extremely far from it. 
I am broken beyond repair. 

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are perfect in every way thus fixing me, saving me with God's Mercy, Grace and Love. 

My hopes with this blog is that God may use me in order to touch your life in some way, as He has touched mine. I grew up believing in God and Jesus Christ, however, I never knew what it truly meant to follow Jesus. I was a Christian asleep. Just one year ago, God started working in my very hardened heart. God is transforming my life, myself into the person He calls me to be.

For 22 years, I have lived the way I wanted (hiding my beliefs for the fear of public opinion) and now I am truly giving my life over to God in hopes that everyone may hear the truth, the Voice of God. 

I pray that whomever reads this blog may be touched by the Holy Spirit.