Friday, October 3, 2014

Timing Is Everything: Happy Anniversary To My Amazing Hubby

This week is a big week for my family! Not only was my sons and father in laws birthdays this week but today is my 2nd year anniversary to my amazing husband! Its a day that brings back so many memories for the last few years we have spent together, and hopes for the future years we will spend together. 

One of my favorite memories was how we met. I was working as a waitress when he and his lacrosse buddies had come in after a game, they sat in my friends section but she told me to go over and say hello. I saw him sitting there, thought he was handsome and went back to my friend to tell her which one I thought was the cutest! I didn't even talk to him until he got up to leave, I was so nervous all I managed to get out was a, " do you do for a living?"

My timing couldn't have been worse, he was about to leave and I was extremely awkward. 

So what do you do for a living??..really Tara?? *sigh* I blew it. 
He wouldn't ever like me after that mess! 

He left, and I was so upset with myself. Then I saw him come back in and talk to my friend who I happened to be moving in with the following week. Out the door he went, and my friend came up to me with a piece of paper. His phone number so that he could help us move. 

God works in mysterious ways huh!? 

Though I had terrible timing with sparking conversation with a guy that was about to leave, Esther had impeccable timing when it came to addressing Xerxes about saving her people. Instead of requesting for the Jews be saved in his court during the first meeting she wanted to assure that it as said at the proper time and moment. 

She invited her King and Haman to a feast, as we learned in the 1st Chapter of Esther, Xerxes loved his feasts. Esther was listening to God, and being patient for Xerxes to be in the right mindset and mood in order to bring this life risking proposal to his acknowledgement. 

During the first feast, maybe the mood wasn't quite right or something but Esther felt as if it wasn't the right time to make her request. She instead invited them both back to a second feast the next day. Haman went home to gloat about the amazing splendor and riches, and special treatment he had been receiving from King Xerxes and Queen Esther. 

Timing is everything. When we rush things, when God wants us to be patient and wait for the proper moment, we can ruin everything. Instead we need to listen to God's voice, and discern when it is time to speak and when it is time to stay silent. 

We must think carefully about when we speak, especially in delicate situations and even in everyday situations with our spouses or our children. For example, if you have had such a terrible day with the kids or at work, do you tell your spouse the moment he comes in the door and just lay it all on him or do you wait, greet him with a smile, hug and a kiss let him wind down before you tell him the mishaps of the day? 

I can assure you that it would go over much better after he has wind down from his own tough day. We must assess the situation we are in and decide when is the best time to speak. Because it could change how things are perceived drastically. 

Timely advice is lovely, 
like golden apples in a silver basket. 
Proverbs 25:11

Happy Anniversary Handsome Hubby, heres to many more years and adventures to come. You are the most loving, loyal, and hardworking man I know, I wouldn't trade anything for the time and life that we have and will spend together. And I am sure there are going to be plenty of opportunities in our life for me to practice my timing.

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