Friday, January 23, 2015

French Friday: Les Quelque Choses Je Dis À Mon Fils Le Plus.

Salut Mes Amis! 
Aujourd'hui je veux te dire le mots et expressions je dis le plus avec mon fils. 

Hi My friends! Today I way to tell you the words and expressions I say the most with my son. 

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Regardez la video S'il te plait!
Watch the Video, please ! 

Comme, J'ai dit en le Video dernière je suis un "reste à la maison mère" Alors, je parle a mon fils tout le jour. 

Alors, ici est ma liste des choses je dis le plus. Dans ne pas particulier ordre. 

Like I said in the last video I am a stay at home mom. So, I talk to my son all day. 

So, here is my list of things that I say the most. In no particular order. 

  • Bon matin mon dormeur.  Good Morning my sleeper.
  • Ici est ton petit déjeuner, déjeuner ou dîner. Here is your breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
  • Vite S'il te plaît. Hurry Please.
  • Tu as faim? Are you hungry? 
  • Mangeons! Lets eat! 
  • Qu'est ce tu veux boire? Tu veux de lait ou un verre de l'eau? What do you want to drink? You want some milk or a glass of water? 
  • Fait quelque chose d'autre s'il te plaît. Do something else please. 
  • Dites "merci" Say Thank you 
  • Dites "Bienvenue" "de rien" Say Your welcome 
  • Choisi un livre tu veux lire. Choose a book you want to read. 
  • Temps te ramasse. Time for you to pick up. 
  • Jouons! On joue avec ses trains et ses blocs de jeu. Lets play! We play with his trains and his toy blocks. 
  • Dansons! Quand c'est danse temps, on allumé la radio a la musique de Disney, et on chante et danse ensemble.  Lets Dance! When its dance time, I turn on the radio to Disney music and we sing and dance together. 
  • Temps te coucher! Brosse les dents s'il te plaît. Time for you to sleep! Brush your teeth please. 
  • Tu voudrais une verre de l'eau ce soir avant se coucher? Would you like a glass of water tonight before you go to bed? 
  • Viens ici s'il te plaît, maintenant. Come here please, now. 
  • Tais-toi s'il te plaît. Be quiet please. 
  • Un moment. One moment. 
  • Reste-Ici. Stay here. 
  • Mon petit, Mon coeur. My petit, my heart. 
  • Je t'aime très beaucoup. I love you so much. 
  • Arrête-la! Stop there.
  • Par-là. This way. 
  • On ne marche pas dans la rue. We do not walk on the road. 
  • Bonne Nuit Good Night. 
Parce que mon fils a deux ans il apprend chaque jour alors je répond à des question tout le jour longue. Plupart des temps la question est "Qu'est ce?" Il est très curieux de tout! C'est très bon! Je sais des mères qui agacent de tout les questions chaque jour mais je l'adore. J'aime aider mon fils apprendre.

Because my son is 2 he learns every day so I respond to questions all day long. Most of the time the question is, "What is this?" He is so curious of everything! It is so good! I know some moms become annoyed with all the questions every day but I love it. I love helping my son learn. 

Tes tournent! Qu'est ce que tu dis à tes enfants?? 
Your Turn! What do you say to your kids? 


  1. What wonderful memories you are creating with your little one! I remember when mine were that little - I would talk to them all day long too! :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I absolutely love talking and answering his questions all day, and he says things that are so cute I can't help but laugh!

  2. I love asking what book my son wants to read! It allows him to have more control over the situation and he seems to enjoy it much more!

    1. Definitely agree! We always ask him, then if he makes us read it more than 3 times I choose the next one, then he'll choose the one after that. But he gets to choose the one he takes to the rocking chair with him, every night he looks so proud for having picked the perfect one! Love it!

  3. It is funny that many moms say so many of the same things! One thing I say every day to my 2 year old is....I will love you forever!

    1. And that is the best thing to hear everyday! I have started to teach my son french and the first thing I taught him was Je t'aime which is I love you. I say it all day and before he goes to bed and he says it right back. Melts my heart!

  4. What a cute list. This would be a great thing to keep for him when he's older. :)


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