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French Friday: 4 Étapes Accomplir Ta Résolutions du Nouvel An.

Bonne Année!!

Happy New Year!! 

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Bonne Année à tous! Ouah! C'est l'année 2015! Pas vrai! Je suis deviens vieux! Célébrer la nouvel an, je vais te dire, comment accomplir ta résolutions de nouvel an dans quatre étapes facile. 

1. Faites date limites pour ton but. Par exemple: Cette passé an dans Decembre 2013 j'ai couru une course de trois milles. Je déteste courir mais c'était un me but. Sans un date limite j'aurais eu rien à travailler vers quand j'ai couru. Avec un date limite j'ai eu motivation. 

Et ton but ne devrait pas "à la fin de l'an" ou "par l'an prochaine."

Faites vrai date limite--multiple fois de l'an. 

2. Spécifiez et Réaliste. "Je veux mon corps idéal" Ce ne donnez pas toi de vrai résultats.  ce n'est pas précis. Soyez précis -- par exemple "Je veux perdre 10-20 ou 40 livres cette an, un par mois ou cinq par mois. 

Et tu écris qoui tu prêt à faire l'accomplir. Tu obtiens quoi tu met dans.

Si tu ne exerces pas à tout ne vise pas commencer exercer cinq fois un semaine -- pas réaliste. 

3. Soyez sûr que c'est quelque chose tu as un motivation pour- si tu ne fait pas, quand c'est très difficile tu es plus probable à abandonner. 

4. Dites tout le monde tu sais tes buts, les plus personnes tu dis le plus responsable tu dois avoir. 

C'est ça! Très très très facile! 


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English Translation: 

Happy New Year to all! Wow! It is 2015! Not true! I am getting old haha! To celebrate the New Year I will tell you how to accomplish your New Years Resolutions in 4 easy steps! 

1. Make Date Limits For Your Goals. For example: Last year in December 2013 I ran a 5k. I hate to run but it was a goal of mine. Without a deadline I would have had nothing to work toward when I ran. With a deadline, I had motivation. 

And your goals shouldn't be "at the end of the year" or "by next year".

Make a real deadline -- Multiple times per year. 

2. Be Specific and Realistic! "I want my ideal body " It does not give you real results. it is not specific. Be specific - for example, " I want to lose 10-20 or 40 pounds this year, one per month or five per month.

And write what you are ready to do to accomplish. You get what you put in.

If you do not exercise at all do not aim to start working out 5 times per week! -- Not realistic!

3. Be sure it is something you have a motivation for! If you do not when it is very difficult you will most likely abandon it.

4. Tell everyone you know your goals! The more people you tell the more responsibility you must have.

That's it! Very Very Very Easy!

My friend Jessica leads a Love God Greatly Bible Study in French on Facebook. This coming study is called Made for Community! She would love if you would join her! 
It starts January 12th! 

So go join her group here! Click here to join!!

Ton tour: Tu as résolutions du Nouvel An
Your Turn: Do you have New Year Resolutions? 

photo credit: Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Artist via photopin cc


  1. Love your posts in French...happy new year :)

    1. I hope you have a very happy 2015!

  2. I really like point #4. It's so true that the more people you tell, the more accountability that you have to get that goal accomplished!

    1. Yes! I found that with my 5k the more people I told the more determined I was to train and finish what I started! Thats why I have French Friday too because then I am held accountable for practicing!

  3. These are great tips! Thanks for this!

    1. You're welcome! I hope they help this year!

  4. Great goals!! And it is so true that telling others about your goals really lights a fire under your tush!!

    1. It most certainly does! So much accountability it that!

  5. you made some great points. I agree that you have to have things that motivate you. and I like the set date point. it keeps you on a schedule

    1. And it makes you feel less over whelmed, 12 months is a long time but if you break it up it seems more achievable.

  6. Realistic Dates - SO important! I think we overestimate abilities sometimes, and then let our supposed failures defeat us. It's not about the finish, but about the journey! :)

    1. You are so right Megan! All about the journey!

  7. I agree with all of these points. I only set myself 3 resolutions this year since I can't keep up with too many and then I fail at all :P The most important one is to move back to Prague (where I went to Uni) and go to Grad School. Next one is to upload 100 videos this year to my Beauty Channel, because I uploaded only 30 in 2014. And the last one was to stop smoking, and I haven't had a cigarette since the New Year so YAY :D

    1. Those are great goals! Yay for not smoking since the New Year! :):)

  8. Hipe You have a blessed New Year 2015! Great points and a great way achieve your dreams and aspirations!


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