Friday, January 16, 2015

French Friday: Mon Petit Fils a Peint le Tapis!

Bonjour à tous! 

Tu entendras de mon fils très beaucoup parce que je suis in "reste à la maison mère". Ce n'est pas commun en France mais très commun dans l'Etats Unis. Je retournerai au travail dans proche avenir. Mais c'est un autre histoire.

La semaine passée je nettoyais la cuisine et lavais les vaisselles quand j'ai arrête et j'ai réalisé que mon fils était silencieux. Avec les enfants calme est pas bon! 

Alors, je suis allé trouver mon petit garçon. Et dans se chambre était mon fils assied sur le tapis avec un pinceau en ses main droit. 

Le pinceau a mouillé en peinture orange. Ouais! 
Sur le tapis était des coups de pinceau orange. 
Mon fils a peint le tapis dans nos appartement loué! 

Heureusement, c'était une peinture à base d'eau alors il lavé quelque peu. 

J'ai dit, "oh non non non petit! On ne peint pas sur le tapis! Ce n'est pas nos peindre! On lavé maintenant. S'il te plaît aide-moi, d'accord?" 

Il a dit "d'accord maman - on le sèche!" Parce que nettoyer est sécher à lui. 

Vous ne pouvez pas le voir? Cliquez ici .

Regardez la video S'il te plait!
Watch the Video, please ! 

English Translation: 

Hello All! 

You will hear of my son a lot because I am a "stay at home mom". It is not common in France but is very common in the United States. I will be retiring to work in the near future. But that is another story. 

Last week I was cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes when I stopped and I realized that my son was silent. With children silent is not good! Not good! 

So, I went to find my little boy. And in his room was my son seated on the carpet with a paintbrush in his right hand. 

The paint brush was wet with orange paint! YES! On the carpet was brush strokes of orate. My son painted the carpet in our rented apartment! Oh no! 

Luckily, It was a water based paint so, it washed out somewhat. 

I said, "Oh no no no little (pet name for my son)! We do not paint on the carpet! It is not ours to paint! Lets wash it not. Please help me, ok?" 

He said, "Ok Mama - Lets dry it!" Because to wash is to dry to him. He is 2 years old, so he is learning is words.

Your Turn: What funny stories do you have of your kids? 


  1. Merci! What a wonderful blog. We are a French/English household so this is perfect for us!

    1. Merci beaucoup!! It is so wonderful that you are an french/english household! I have been learning french for years but never had the confidence to speak but I know now if I don't put everything into it I won't learn french so this is my means of practicing! Every Friday make sure to come back and see! If I make a mistake feel free to correct me!

  2. Too much fun. I seem to recall dropping an entire Ice Cream Pie and a plate of spaghetti down a flight of steps. I was in the dog house! Then recently I found out that on my Mom's first date with my Dad (it was a blind date and he had brought her to his house for dinner), my Mom spilled an entire plate of spaghetti in her lap! I imagine she was mortified, but it didn't deter my Dad!!!

    1. Awww!!! I love hearing stories like that!

  3. I know the joys and adventures of a 2 year old. I love your French and English translations

    1. haha yes! My son never seems to stop amazing me with the things he comes up with!

  4. AHHH that sounds so fun! Thanks for translating!

  5. Thanks for sharing this story. Kids are sooo cute at that age. Its hard to not smile at them even when they do something wrong.

  6. Such a cute are so right...quiet is never good with young children.

  7. I remember fearing the moments when my son was silent. It usually meant he was up to something really really bad, lol


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