Monday, June 23, 2014

You Are More: My First Blog Post and Open Apology

It might strike you as odd to start my Faith In Every Day Blog off with an apology. However I believe that it couldn't be more appropriate. You see I am starting fresh in every aspect of myself. The way I think, feel and react has all changed, I am no longer the same person I was a year ago.

Let me explain, for a long time I had believed in Gods love and Jesus saving me on the cross but I wasn't living out my faith. I had my beliefs and faith in God, I grew up in the church and a few years ago converted to Catholicism, but I never knew what it meant to truly live out your faith. I was the prime example of a hypocrite, but to be honest I didn't know any better. 

Then when my husband and I moved to Texas, God took control of my life and lead me to some wonderful Christian role models who showed me what giving your life to Christ really was about. After one of our small group meetings I was convicted to start reading the Bible for myself since I never have my whole life. I read the Bible in almost exactly a year and this past year has been one of the most transforming years in my entire life.

I am a far different person than I have ever been, and God still has a lot more work to do. I am not even close to a perfect Christian, I fail daily, but I am ever striving and God's grace will always be there when I fall! Because of all the changes to my heart, I feel that it is necessary for me to write this apology in order to close the door to the person that I was before I can continue on as this new person.

Here it goes:

In my 23 years of life I have seen and done a lot of things, I have loved and hurt a lot of people with selfish actions, painful words, confusing endings and unneeded emotional walls. Family, friends, people I didn't even give the chance to know: What I didn't realize about life until this past year is that life is about the people you experience life with, the people you trust enough to open up to and stick by with no matter what.

The experiences don't make life, its the people you experience it with and taking the time to truly enjoy them that makes it wonderful. Because of my lack of knowledge I have burned a lot of bridges when I should have been building them, been kind instead of hateful and forgiving instead of vengeful.

So to my family, friends and people I didn't bother to know: I am, from the bottom of my being, sorry for any hurtful things I have said or done. That is not the person I strive to be whatsoever and I hope that you will forgive me. I am shutting the door on that person and opening a new door for a new beginning as a follower of Jesus Christ.

As an imperfect human I will faultier, there is no doubt about that, but I am giving myself over to the Lord and He will guide me through lives difficulties and joys to help me continue on the path of Gods righteousness.

My past does not define me, I am more than my past mistakes. I have been remade! 

Feel free to introduce yourself and share your story in the comments below!

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